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Christ Came to Save Sinners
While most ministries are inactive right now, that doesn't mean that you can't serve the LORD.
Here are several ideas:
  1. Mail tracts with a personal note or a longer letter to relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors about whom you often think, "I need to tell so-and-so about the Lord."
  2. Give gospel tracts to the delivery drivers for UPS, USPS, FedEx, and when you have food or groceries delivered.
  3. Arrange to pray with one or two other Christians.  It could be those from your Wednesday night prayer group, or it could others.  The day and time isn't important; just make the commitment to pray with a brother or sister in Christ. (If you would like a copy of the blank church prayer list form, e-mail Pastor White or Amanda and ask. We will e-mail or mail you the prayer list that we have used on Wednesday nights for years.)
  4. Hold your own SPECIAL service one Sunday night!  Instead of television or Netflix, watch a Christian movie that has a strong message. BTW did you know that there are several versions of Pilgrim's Progress on video?
  5. We are blessed to hear how some of our flock have been looking after and helping those who may not be able to go to the grocery store.  You might consider who you know who has a need that you can fill.
  6. Pastor White is working on a summer Sunday School offering you can watch as an individual or family until we are able to resume a full schedule and utilize our classrooms. When he has the details uploaded, you will find them under PROGRAMS and CLASSES on the Rigfht hand menu bar.
  7. Make sure you read or listen to God's Word each day.  It is the food your soul needs!
Well, there you go... 7 ideas for a start. Mr. Maietti would be very pleased. Smile

Secretary of Health and Human Services, Dr. Ben Carson, says that he prefers the term "physical distancing" to the frequently used "social distancing" directive that you have heard in CDC and Coronavirus task force briefings.

We agree that we don't want to limit your social interaction with others in the body of Christ, but we do need to limit physical contact in order to protect one another.  

For this reason, you will see notices posted in the church building (when we return inside) and on the website or bulletin/newsletter updates that you receive that say, "No Physical Contact Requested."