Grace Bible Fellowship
Christ Came to Save Sinners
Pictorial Pilgrim's Progress is a great way to start young children
on the life lessons of Bunyan's classic allegory.  Little Pilgrim's Progress is the next step up for the elementary school reader who can handle more text and fewer pictures.  
What On Earth is God Doing? is a brief survey of God's plan for human history and the battle raging in the spiritual realm between God and Satan.  If you are a student of history, then Dr. Renald E. Showers opens up for you connections between what the Bible says about human history from Genesis to Revelation and what the course of Western history has been. Written for the layman. Those who remember hearing Dr. Showers speak at Grace Bible Fellowship will recall his clear and detailed manner.
The late Francis Schaeffer was a giant intellect who shared the message of Scripture, salvation, and sanctity of life with people of all ages and backgrounds, especially through his ministry L'Abri in Switzerland and his writings. A Christian Manifesto (1981) was his last book and was written shortly before the Lord took him home in 1984. This work serves as a blueprint to guide Christians to Truth and how we can impact and change a culture that is way off course. Together with How Should We Then Live? (another superb book), Dr. Schaeffer speaks to us more than 35 years after his death.

Every Sunrise Service sermon that Pastor White prepares starts with consultation of Easter Enigma by John Wenham. This book was required reading in seminary for Dr. Robert C. Newman's New Testament History course, and it has been a valuable aid in dealing with the resurrection accounts in the four gospels. While some conjecture is involved, Dr. Wenham helps the reader imagine the chronological order and movements of the various individuals (think women and apostles of Jesus) as they lived through the last week of Jesus' ministry culminating in the cross and tomb. He helps you to see that supposed discrepancies are not contradictory. The inerrancy of Scripture that we assert as a foundational premise is supported by the arguments and plausible explanations in this book. Especially good reading for a Bible student who wonders if there could be mistakes or human errors in the gospel texts.