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Triumphal Entry

Jesus entered Jerusalem riding a donkey to the cheers of the crowd. They waved palm branched and cried, "Hosanna!" which means, "Save us now." This event fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah 9. Meanwhile the Jewish religious leaders were very annoyed at the spectacle. 

Return to Bethany

At the end of the day Jesus returned to Bethany where He was staying. Bethany was a "suburb" of Jerusalem, and there Jesus was safe from His enemies also. 


Cursing of the Fig Tree

On the way into Jerusalem, Jesus noticed a fig Tree which gave the appearance of being fruitful. Actually there was no fruit, so Jesus condemned the tree. There seems to be a parallel between the fruitlessness of this tree and that of the nation of Israel.

Second Cleansing of the Temple

Jesus entered the Temple and once again cast out those who operated the "sacrifice concessions" and currency exchanges. This should not be confused with the earlier cleansing found in John 2


The Gospels contain more information on what Jesus did on Tuesday, His last day of public ministry, than on any other day. 

Withering of the Fig Tree

On the way back to Jerusalem from Bethany on Tuesday morning, the disciples noticed that the tree Jesus had cursed the day before was withered away from its roots already. Jesus used the occasion to teach them of the power of faith and believing prayer. 

Teaching in the Temple

Jesus spent the day around the Temple area. His opponents tried to trap Him, but Jesus used the encounters to present the truths of God's plan. Included in what happened were: 
  • Questions regarding Jesus' authority
  • Parable of the Vineyard
  • Parable of the Marriage Feast
  • Questions about Paying Taxes
  • Questions about Marriage in the Resurrection
  • Pharisee's Question on the Greatest Commandment
  • Jesus' Question about Messiah's Relationship to David
  • Jesus' Scathing Denunciation of the Scribes and Pharisees
  • the Widow and Her Offering 
Withering of the Fig Tree
Withering of the Fig Tree
Withering of the Fig Tree
Withering of the Fig Tree
Olivet Discourse

After they had left the Temple, Jesus spoke to His disciples regarding God's future plan for Israel. This speech took place on the Mount of Olives and is called the Olivet Discourse. 


Jesus used parables to instruct His followers. The most notable are 
  • the Ten Virgins  
  • the Talents  
  • the Sheep and the Goats

Betrayal Announced

After returning to Bethany, Jesus told His disciples that He would be given over to be crucified. Judas went to the religious leaders that night and made plans to betray the Lord. 


To the best of our knowledge, Wednesday was a relatively quiet day for the Lord Jesus. He knew what awaited Him. Judas was watching for an opportunity to turn Jesus over to the authorities when crowds were not around. 


Disciples Prepare Passover

Jesus told Peter and John to go and prepare the Passover meal. They followed Jesus' instructions and prepared the meal, possibly at the home of John Mark's family.

Jesus Celebrates Passover

Jesus and the twelve disciples were together to celebrate the Passover

Washing Disciples' Feet

When the disciples argued who was the greatest, Jesus washed their feet to show them that servanthood is more exalted than lordship.

Judas Leaves 

Jesus said that the betrayer would dip bread with Him. When Judas asked if it were he, Jesus agreed and told him to do his work quickly. Judas left, but the disciples thought he was going to buy something or to give money to the poor. 

Lord's Supper

Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper on this night. This ordinance is based in part on the Passover and is a continual reminder that Christ is our atonement for sin. 

Upper Room Discourse

John 14-16 give the main ideas of Jesus' intimate talk with the disciples. He tried to prepare them for His departure, comforted them, and promised to send the Holy Spirit as their Helper

High Priestly Prayer

With the reality of His death so near, Jesus prayed on His disciples' behalf. In a few hours they would run from Him, but Jesus prayed for their spiritual strength and victory. This prayer is truly indicative of Christ's great love for His children.



Jesus and His disciples left the Upper Room and crossed the Kidron Valley to the Garden of Gethsemane, a place where Jesus prayed often. Here he agonized in prayer over the events to occur shortly. Meanwhile, His disciples fell asleep.


In those early morning hours Judas led a band of leaders and soldiers to the garden to arrest Jesus. Peter, ready to defend Christ, cut off the ear of a servant. Although Jesus was able to overcome the group, He did not do so. He was taken away; betrayed by a kiss. The disciples fled into the night. 

Trial #1 Annas

Jesus was brought to Annas, the ex-high priest and father-in-law of Caiaphas. This first trial was probably brief and preliminary in nature.

Trial #1 Caiphas

Next Christ was sent to Caiaphas, the high priest. The
Sanhedrin was present at a "kangaroo court" where false witnesses testified against Jesus. Jesus "admitted" that He was the Messiah. Caiaphas and the council agreed that He should be executed as a blasphemer. (Note: If the same laws were in effect at this point as were about 100-200 years later, this trial violated many facets of Jewish law)

Peter's Denial 

While Jesus (and John) were inside Caiaphas' house, Peter remained outside. When asked by the people in the courtyard if he was an associate of Christ, Peter denied the Lord three times. 

Trial #3 Council

The formal condemnation of Jesus took place after dawn on Friday morning.

Judas' Suicide

Judas had remorse over his terrible deed. When he tried to return the money, the religious leaders were ambivalent. Throwing the money down, he left the Temple and went to hang himself. 

Trial #4 Pilate

The Jews brought Jesus to Pilate to have Him executed for Rebellion against Ceaser. Pilate realized that Jesus was not guilty of their charges and had Him sent to Herod since Jesus was a Galilean. 

Trial #5 Herod

Herod was glad to meet Jesus and hoped to see a miracle. Jesus remained silent, however, and Herod ended up sending Him, dressed in royal robes, back to Pilate.

Trial #6 Pilate

Pilate tried to placate the Jews by giving them a choice between releasing Jesus or the notorious criminal, Barabbas. The result shocked him as the frenzied crowd screamed for him to free Barabbas and crucify Christ. Pilate washed his hands of the matter but, nevertheless consented to the wished of the crowd. 

Jesus Beaten and Mocked

Jesus was whipped, taunted, crowned with thorns, clubbed on the head, spat upon, and "worshipped" in jest.

Road to the Cross

On the road to Golgotha, the Place of the Skull, Simon of Cyrene carried the cross for Christ. Many people followed and some women cried for Him. This is why the road is known as the Via Dolorosa, the Way of Sorrow.

On the Cross
Jesus was crucified between two criminals. He was on the cross from 9 AM, died at 3 PM, and was removed at 6 PM. Here is what happened during that time: 

  • soldiers gambled for His robe

  • He said, "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do."

  • conversation with and conversion of penitent thief

  • He said, "Tpday, you will be with Me in Paradise."

  • He said, "Woman, behold your son!"

  • He said, "Behold, your mother!"

  • 12 PM -- 3 hours of darkness begins

  • He said, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me!"

  • He said, "I thirst." 

  • given sponge with vinegar to drink

  • He said, "It is finished. Father, into They hands I commend my spirit."

  • Jesus died


At the time of Jesus' death, the veil in the Temple was torn in half down the middle. An earthquake rocked the city, and many dead believers were raised. A centurion present at the crucifixion testified to the special nature of Christ. When the soldiers came to hasten death by breaking the legs, they found that Jesus was already dead. They thrust a spear in His side to make sure that He had truly died.


Joseph of Arimathea requested the body of Jesus. With Nicodemus, he hastily prepared the body for burial before the Sabbath started. The women anticipated coming back to finish the job. 


Guard Posted

In fear of Jesus' prediction that He would rise from the dead, the Jewish religious leaders requested that a guard (Jewish or Roman?) be dispatched to the tomb. This was done, and the tomb was made secure.



By early Sunday morning Jesus had resurrected! See below for a list of His appearances.