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Mystery Island 2022

At Mystery Island the kids learned that, though there are many mysteries in life, God doesn't want to be a mystery to us! He has revealed himself to us in His word, the Bible, and wants us to know Him.

Each night the kids learned a bit about some of God’s amazing attributes (great, almighty, ruler, Emmanuel, trustworthy) and how they apply to their lives.

They also had a second lesson each evening from Answers in Genesis' Zoomerang VBS.

In the Zoomerang lessons we learned that we are created in the very image of GOD Himself, He loves us so much that He sent His own son to die on the cross to pay the price for our sins, and that He created each one of us on purpose, for a purpose!

God doesn't look at our abilities or disabilities.
He loves us just as we are!

Pictures from VBS week and Teen VBS!

The Mystery Island trailer

The much anticipated Mystery Island film!

The kids watched a portion each night
and got to meet some of the characters throughout the week.

Thank you for joining us for Mystery Island!
We hope to see you next year at...